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Robert E. Stewart Sr. @CTO

From Fortune-50 to Startups, nano tech mems sensor and ASIC manufacturing to decentralized FIPS 140-2 Level 3 credentialing, From business-led technology roadmaps, organizational scalability, defensible barriers to market competitors, and intellectual property portfolio building…

Power comes through knowing when to apply policy, process, procedure, rules, roles, and responsibilities to mitigate the intrinsic risks with compensating controls through careful application of mechanism designs. Our systems development life cycle provides you a starting point from which you’ll learn the controlls to be CTO.

Put Bob Stewart, his counsel, tools, and insanely great network to work for your career today.  What’s being CTO worth to you? Have you even done the math? Do it for you. Put yourself first… Now.

Bob Stewart, Chief Technology Officer emeritus at:

Bob has served as CXO at the following companies and counseled many more...

What Others Have to Say

"Bob is an outstanding leader in the fields of IT and biometrics. Always focused on getting the job done, Bob achieves goals. Additionally, he's a great guy."
John Boyd
Assistant Director, Office of Biometric Identity Management at U.S. Department of Homeland Security
"Bob is a very creative technology executive who's insight into technology is remarkable. During my time with Bob, he proved time and again that he fully understands both the business model behind his endeavors and the steps required to accomplishing them. His technical prowess makes him ideally suited to be at the helm."
Paul Brimigion
Chief Information Officer at Lamprey Health Care
"Robert was an ideal manager. His management style was very effective in reaching the company's strategic objective while creating a freindly and pleasant working environment. His door was always open; Robert instantly addressed any questions, thoughts, or concerns of his employees. I personally learned a lot from him and adopted some of his management techniques when I was later promoted to a managerial role. It would be great to work under Robert's guidance again."
Isaac Gabriel
Ex Googler
"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Bob Stewart for the past 10 years – I have supported Bob’s respective teams with contract personnel and have seen him build extremely efficient, high impact, highly intelligent, and results driven teams. He is a true visionary and nothing short of any organization’s MOST valued asset."
Matt Murray
Founder of EdgeRock Technology Partners

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